Royal Ascot takes place Tues 18th through to Saturday 22nd June 2019. Steeped in rich heritage and history, it is a national institution and one of the highlights of both the British Social Calendar and the Millinery Calendar. It is a time of extravagance in hat making, as this most regarded accessory is worn by all. If you are looking for clarification on the Royal Ascot dress code in regard to hats and headwear then the information below should be of help.

The dress code for Royal Ascot hats depends on the enclosure:

Royal Enclosure – Hats must be worn. A headpiece with a solid base of more than 10cm (4 inches) in diameter is permitted but fascinators are not permitted.

Queen Anne Enclosure  and Village Enclosure – A hat, headpiece or fascinator should be worn at all times.

Windsor Enclosure – A hat or fascinator is encouraged to be worn.

Hopefully, this helps you decide on the type of piece you need to wear for Royal Ascot to meet the official dress code for headwear. Now the fun can begin in selecting a hat style that suits you. You can take inspiration from the latest styles in our online store here and read more about our bespoke service and see a gallery of some of the Jane Taylor London pieces being worn on our Royal Ascot page.